Sunday, 19 October 2014

42/52 - sipping tea at government house // a new camera


Transitioning from little girl to somewhat-bigger-girl. A gleefully proud little owner of changing chompers. 

That sweet face of yours is transforming, just as you are and I love to see you blossom - though it kinda breaks my heart a little too. 


I mean... this boy is sweetness personified. Those eyes!


Those glorious curls get wilder every day. But I'm not going to cut them just yet!!


'Wet washing hanging on the line....'

Mark just hanging around with the kids, haha. Never afraid to get in there and play like a kid himself

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

I was so blessed to receive a new camera for my birthday! I just love it. I am having fun trying it out... but of course I still have to learn to actually use it properly, so please don't expect any huge changes to my photos!! Sadly, I can no longer blame my tools for over-exposed and blurry photos.... uhoh ;) But hopefully a slow improvement over time?? :)

Washing the chalk... thanks, buddy ;)
Lily held another street art stall - this time filled with hand made kites, paper shoes, loom bands and of course paintings. The traffic was minimal but she still relished the experience :)

Little Moon Eyes

Scott and Rosie, hanging my kids out to dry ;) And they loved it!

Busy with Duplo letters, he wanted to assemble all his siblings' names... there just wasn't enough 'L's and 'I's! 
We spent a delightful morning at Government House for a fundraising morning tea. Cos, you know, if Government House is
good enough for Kate and Will to stay at, it's good enough for us ;) These two brothers, on a snap chilly day dressed in beanies and stripes and blue vests... well... they were just busy melting my heart with all their brotherly adorableness.

A gentle hand on his back, before he went in for a cuddle. Sigh... 

Miles just kept saying 'Wow wow wow' - I think he was pretty impressed with the scenery and of course the sense of occasion ;)

'Bup! Bup!'
Eli and Miles were inspecting (playing!) in the dirt and Eli was thrilled to find this worm. After a little bonding time we had to leave so I suggested he pop the worm back into the lawn. At which point, E said 'I love you, worm' and then (before I knew what was happening), kissed the worm and gently placed him back on the ground. Eek!!

So, lately as I have been learning more about the importance of gut health, I've been introducing more probiotics/fermented foods into my family's diet. My latest experiment is Water Kefir. A super easy way to make a probiotic and mineral rich drink that is actually pretty easy to drink! It has a mild gingerbeer flavour. You can also mix it with juice, add lemons or lots of other flavourings. I'm just new to it though! It's been a big hit with the kids and I like it too! Plus, soooo easy to make. Thanks heaps to my sweet friend Sally for sharing some of her water kefir grains. If you are interested in making some too, read here to find out more - or just google! And if you live locally, let me know if you want some grains once mine multiply some more :)

One of a thousand funny faces from my helper :)
Amazing - the difference between a freshly mixed batch (on the left) and a batch that has fermented for a couple of days (on the right). The kefir (yeast/bacteria) grains eat the sugar and so lightens the colour. I use Rapadura sugar, which is why it's so dark.

PS I don't think I have mentioned on here before, but I happen to have a little Facebook page running for this blog! As well as posting my blog posts and photos, I also use it to share interesting and informative articles and websites I come across, favourite blogs and FB pages, handy tips, funny stories from the kids and so on. Feel free to come join me and say hi - I'd love to 'meet' some more readers! - just click here xx

Sunday, 12 October 2014

41/52 - portrait play at the national portrait gallery... and a birthday!


All she wants for Christmas....

(Yes, she lost her second front tooth. My lispy little lady is very proud of herself! iPhone pic)


Running past me, he throws a cheery grin and a wave. 
Just spreading his sunshine all over town :)


His latest little trick is to grab a tissue from the box and then walk around the house, scrunching his nose and blowing it on the tissue (and yes, he really blows his nose). He then toddles over to the bin and throws the tissue in. 

Very cute - except he wants to perform this trick over and over and over (at which point we have remove the tissue box!).

He thinks he is a grown up boy, and he sure is becoming one! Love that scrunchy little nose.


I had a birthday this week and thanks to my kind in-laws still staying with us, Mark and I got to escape for that rare creature that is the daytime date!!! What a treat :) My favourite meal to eat out is brunch, so it was wonderful to enjoy that together at a fabulous local little cafe. Can I just take a moment to rave about my french toast with cinnamon marscapone? Drooool. And Mark's Canadian pancakes that were the size of a dinner plate???! Ok, it was all delish, the coffee was divine, but best of all was sitting back in the glorious sunshine with my best friend. Time to chat, eating together at a leisurely pace.... ah, just lovely :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

A little bit enchanted by our wisteria... so fleeting but so pretty!
My Japanese Maple is another beloved little tree...

I have discovered what to do with old tshirts I don't want to get rid of yet... pass them on to the kids for night shirts!
They get such a kick out of wearing them and I get suck a kick out of seeing them swimming in my shirts :) Lily's was a funny gift back when such tshirts were a new thing ;) And Eli's was a shirt I designed back when I lived in the US. New lease on life! ;) (Yes, I have hoarding tendencies!!!)

Nan and Grandad wanted to take the older kids to the movies for a holiday viewing of Dumbo. Needless to say, everyone was pretty excited about this arrangement! Mark and I got to spend a productive morning in the garden while kids and grandparents had a wonderful time out together. It is just so lovely to see how much Marg and Dave truly enjoy spending time with the kids, it's beautiful. So thankful for the deepening relationships and rich memories being created.

We are loving Daylight Savings and warm afternoons outside. One day Lily came racing inside shrieking that they had found dinosaur bones which had to be excavated immediately with paint brushes. They spent a long afternoon sweeping and blowing dust from rocks (dinosaur bones), sorting, counting, washing, drying. assembling. Amazing to watch, I love to see them so deeply immersed in their imaginitive world!

The porch swing Lily worked so hard on last week - Raggedy Andy is testing it out.
At Lily's request, we worked together to come up with a workable swinging solution. 

Love seeing these three little heads together! Miles is getting old enough now to join in a little with their games and it's heart melting to see them include him so patiently. Here he is helping pull grass and put it into a bucket with them (they are making up a treat for the chooks!)
Miles' arm around Eli's shoulder. Just hold on while I tear up with sentimentality. I mean... seriously. So sweet. He held his arm there for a couple of minuites too, watching Eli doing something. Just so precious. Sniff.

My happy kitchen view these days... wisteria blooming, maple glowing green, chooks pecking around and the veggie gardens planted and flourishing (for now!!)... we finally got chicken wire wrapped around them too to keep the cheeky chooks out of our lettuce!
This little gang. Love seeing them together! All assembled for a delightful outing to the National Portrait Gallery for a school holiday program called Portrait Play. It was wonderful! Amber and I also met up with our dear friends Jess and Kate. The Portrait Play program was wonderful, guiding our kids through a short series of portraits and helping the kids draw out different elements of what helps a portrait capture an individual. The kids were so engaged, it was excellent. 

Hard at work, drawing portraits and postcards.

Love this town. No wonder it was recently counted by the OECD as the best city to live in, in the world!!! Well, maybe a bit of an overstatement, but I do think its a fab place to raise a family.
A lazy day for the last day of school holidays. Lily says to Eli 'You can choose a movie to watch
and I will do your hair'. 'Ok' says her agreeable brother!!! :)

Churros and chocolate and chats with a dear friend - a wonderful birthday treat!

Lily and Eli have been working on this creation made from a chunk of wood for weeks for my birthday gift.
Secretly as in they would shriek at me not to look when they worked on it, with giggles and whispers. And what's not to love??! :) A rather amazing little artwork.

A divine birthday pavlova whipped up by my talented stepdad. Yum!

PS Sorry for all the iPhone pics this week... I was without a camera for a few days as I sold my beloved old camera because..... I got a lovely NEW camera for my birthday from my dear hubby and inlaws!! Will be taking it for a spin with many more shots to come soon, no doubt :)