Wednesday, 20 August 2014

documenting delight in the arboretum // warm trees, warm hearts

After our huge day at Questacon, we couldn't resist squishing in a little more fun by visiting the beautiful National Arboretum (it's like a zoo, but for trees?!). Why not keep the fun going?? It was the Brizuela's last day in Canberra so we wanted to fit everything in. After a play in the spectacular Pod Playground, we checked out the Himalayan Oak forest, which was looking a little cosier than usual....

(warning: image overload ahead! you may want to get a cuppa)

Trees get cold too, you know! The Himalayan Oaks forest had been delightfully yarn-bombed :)

We were roaming through the forest and Errol offered to take some snaps of Miles and I in the perfect afternoon light.
What a treat to have some shots with my darling... thanks Errol, I love them! Then Georgia kindly snapped some too, so goodness me, I felt like a celebrity for a moment haha ;)

These weird green reflections are nothing to do with Errol's photography, it's my weird camera. I don't know what on earth they are doing there?? They keep showing up when the light is bright :( Just ignore them?? ;)

I just wanna smooch him all day long! Love my baby boy to pieces, he is just so delicious!!

What more do kids need? Rocks, sticks, dirt, trees and space to play :)

Priya and Lily - the sweetest of friends. I love when Lily gets to hang out with a child as delightful and kind hearted as Priya. They connected so well :)

Miles decides to head for the hills...
Da Boyz.... hard at work, carving sticks!

Stop the presses. Two babies cuddling! Ultimate cuteness between Miles and Florin :)
'Ok, that's enough'
Stunning views at the National Arboretum. Some trees still tiny, but many have grown so much and are wonderful to explore.

Exploring the incredible 'Wide Brown Land' awesome! Look fantastic from a distance and up close too - the kids had a blast clambering all over them :)

Miles was happy to have a word all to himself :)
Babies hanging out, shooting the breeze.

Such an epic, beautiful, experiential structure!

'Mum, take a photo of me sleeping' ;)

This is how we all felt by the end of our epic, awesome day out. Exhausted but happy.

It was truly a delightful day, adventuring with friends!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

33/52 - visitors + visiting


She wrote her first 'book'. Something tells me it will be the first of many!

I overheard painstaking 'sounding-out' and discovered her at her desk after school, earnestly writing out four one-page 'Lego Storrees'.

Needless to say, they were the most beautiful stories I ever read. Sure, I loved War and Peace but nothing ever moved my heart like Lego Storrees ;) Pretty darn amazing to see words, ideas and story lines emerge from this little person o' mine. I am yet to tire of it, I am admittedly enchanted by every word this little creature writes. Gimme more, more, more, I say :) I can't help it - seeing my baby write just sort of leaves me in awe?? 

My blossoming little novelist... 


'Whatchu talkin' 'bout, Willis??'

This boy. He has more character than one little body can contain. 

I can't stop laughing!!

PS Our lovely visiting friends kept commenting on how thoughtful Eli is and it's just so true. I kept being struck this week of how often he is thinking of others, looking out for others and wanting to help (especially his baby brother). Such a dear hearted little person :)


The only thing better than one Baby Miles is four of them, right???

Well, my sister has triplets and I guess this is what it would look like if I had quads??? ;)

Miles is pretty enchanted with 'more' of himself too!

PS This little dude started walking this week (at last, at last!). So pleased for him (and for my back, haha)


Post-work chill out, watching YouTube videos on the bed for five minutes with his little sidekick. They are watching a clip of Fats Domino in concert. I walked in to hear Eli ask 'Was Nana there too?'

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

It was a week in repeat but reverse! After Mark going away to Melbourne, then the Brizuela clan and then my Dad coming to stay with us... they all cycled through again, with Mark home again, then my Dad coming back for a few days on his drive home from Melbourne, then the Documenting Delight crew coming to stay for a few more nights too! Even better this time around, with Mark here to enjoy the company too, we had such a blast together :) Lovely friends, lovely adventures...

I just love these images of Grandpa with his two oldest grandkids :)

Another early morning Lego session with Priya and Theo. These four spent so much time happily and quietly digging through the Lego, making creations in collaboration.

We enjoyed a super fun huge day at Questacon with the Brizuelas. We got
to bring sweet Harper along with us and she was the perfect little Questacon
guide :) Here she and Eli are making the smoke appear!

The babies had so much fun in the water play at Mini Q!
Awwww, Florin, why you gotta be sooooo cute?! Seriously delicious baby!!!
You didn't see me slurping the water, did you??

The confusion and awe on his face when he spotted his reflections was something to behold - just hilarious!!

Harper, Priya and Lily (released from school early!) working together on the ball run.

We couldn't resist visiting the Pod playground at the Arboretum, even after our humongous day at Questacon!
The boys were loving singing down this pipe and hearing the sound coming out of the horn on the right.

Baby boy sings the blues...

With that funny, beautiful little face, I shall wrap it up!!

After the playground we headed into the Arboretum forests for a little play and photo shoot, but if I try to include those here too, this post will take a month of Sundays to scroll through! I will post it separately. I got soooo many shots as I trailed around after Georgia, getting inspiration and tips from her incredible photography talents and general loveliness. Such fun adventures we had with our lil' twin family! xx

...coming soon/ish! :)