Sunday, 23 November 2014

47/52 - sunset strolls + school shows


After dinner at our lovely in-laws new home, we went for our first stroll up the bike path out their back gate. I only happened to have my camera with me as the house was already locked up, it only happened to be dusk, the kids just happened to insist on bringing leftover party balloons and it only happened to be the most delightful, picturesque little path. And so... a spontaneous rapid-fire photo shoot commenced as the kids raced up the path, waving their balloons...

 (Eli's popped within 5 mins, sadly!)

I have a feeling we will be taking a few more walks along this little path - felt like we were in the middle of bush land, yet in the midst of suburbia! That's Canberra for you.


This week Lily had her end of year show at school. She had the full quota of grandparents (four!), parents (two!) and siblings (two!) in attendance to cheer her on. But I think no one was prouder than her brother Eli. 

On the way out the door to the show, I snipped a few little rosebuds from our garden. After the show, Eli asked if he could give them to Lily. He put the roses behind his back carefully, then marched from the hall to the classroom (where she was being collected after the show) with utmost determination.

As soon as she appeared, he told her to close her eyes and then thrust the roses at her with gusto saying 'Lily, dis is because you did a really great job'. Cue all the surrounding parents bursting into a chorus of 'awwww' as Eli fiercely embraced his sister.

Sigh. What a devoted and loving sibling you are, little E. What a gift to your sister - and to me. 


My little rev-head. 

This kid loooooves cars, in a way neither of the other two quite have. Every morning he begs to go for a drive in the car. He spends large portions of his day zooming various cars around the house, just happily wheeling them while making various car sounds. It's pretty adorable, to see his own little interests and passions emerge :) 

(Thankfully, Daddy's vast childhood collection of matchbox cars gives him lots of options to enjoy!)


During a quiet Sunday afternoon, I peeked into the spare room to see these two busily crafting masks together. Yes, this is why he is the best father who ever fathered. 

Talk about a sweet father/daughter moment. Too cute, these cuties!! :)

Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was...

Brave little lady up on stage..... singing silly songs about cleaning the house :) Her whole little Kindy job did a stellar job.

Man on a mission...

The anticipation....

My little performer who said she 'LOVED!' being on stage. She had fun and we
had fun watching her and being super proud (and noisy!) family members! :)

Sunday, 16 November 2014

46/52 - an ode to my baby's beautiful curls...


'Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, Mum!'

I remember only the giggling, coy pleading, not what was being requested. 

But how could you say no to a face like this?! ;)

(I somehow manage)


'Lust for life' is the phrase that comes to mind, as I capture my son, literally leaping for joy.


This week my baby boy finally got his first proper hair cut. Sob.

Please excuse the absurd amount of photos in this post of his crazy, luscious curly locks, before the big chop. Oh, baby hair, why you gotta be soooo beautiful and yet so fleeting?!

The photos are helping me process my grief, haha :)

This kiddo got some solo shower time (eg not jostling with two siblings) thanks to a #3 (if you know what I mean!!!). He was absolutely enchanted with the water streaming down around him and his curls.... quietly watching, feeling, experiencing the rushing downpour in wonder. Just fascinated, enthralled Just as much as I am with him. Sigh. Love this kid.


Out to brunch, and introducing Miles to the joy of finishing off the cinnamon marscapone with his finger. Giggles abound :)


Project 52: A portrait of my family, once a week, every week, in 2014.

More highlights from the week that was....

'Mum, come quick!! Look!!! I'm making Miles sleeping!!!'. If only ;)

After school smoothie making. Lily had recently experienced the wonders of choc-mint and knowing we had mint growing like wildfire in the garden, had the idea to use the mint leaves to make our own choc-mint smoothie. We added oats and banana and enjoyed quite the treat :)

Wearing his halo of ringlets.... sigh.

I ask you, can you take too many photos of gorgeous ringlets?? Oh wait, don't answer that ;)

I will always accept whatever gift is in your precious little outstretched hand xx
The Marymead Fete rolled around again, always a highlight on our calendar. The kids loved the petting zoo, Miles was getting as close to the animals as he could through the fence!

A child was here....
Lily has been stitching away in her room... she added a sun with a smiley face and a little cloud. Precious or what?

'What the ???'

In the doghouse, but not too unhappy about it ;)
Grandad's Birthday. I made a little chocolate cake and told the kids they could decorate however they pleased. Needless to say, the sprinkle drawer got emptied with gusto ;)
Pretty much the most beautiful cake ever!?
My lovely inlaws have moved into their new home - the most charming little townhouse ever, in a most delightful area. We are so happy for them, it seems like a wonderful place to live. Surrounded by native plants and leafy trees. Needless to say, expect to see a LOT of photos in front of this stunning ivy wall ;) 

Blue Steel, with triple the attitude. Oh, brother!!
'Hmmm, now what's left around here for me to destroy??' (Still has that furrowed little eyebrow, love it)
'Huh? What did you say will happen if I keep squeezing this balloon?? Are you sure??'
His new cut. With a few curls remaining for now... love seeing more of his face, though strangely he seems to look younger and not older? I keep taking a double take at his new look, this new boy emerging before me. He was not happy about the hair cutting, poor kid was terrified and hysterical so this was the best/most the very accommodating hairdresser could manage! I love it though, still a few curls to enjoy but a lot more cute face now :)